Book Reviews:

Priest offers tips for new media in evangelization, coupled with personal experience in new book

GeekPriest-BUTTON.jpgDutch priest Father Roderick Vonhögen, a world-renowned expert in digital media and founder of the Star Quest Production Network, a Catholic new media company, shares his own story of engaging in these new media in his recently-released book, GeekPriest: Confessions of a new media pioneer. Fr. Vonhögen’s GeekPriest is not quite an autobiography. There are certainly autobiographical elements to the book, but he does more than simply write about his life. Each chapter follows the same format: He begins with an anecdote from his life, a tie to some aspect of popular culture, and then lessons he learned and tips he offers to his readers to overcome any related obstacles. There is a certain relatablility to the book, with Fr. Vonhögen not focusing too heavily on theology, but rather embracing not only new media, but other aspects of nerd culture as well.

Biography shines light on sometimes overlooked Catholic composer

Biography shines light on sometimes overlooked Catholic composer Playing Before the Lord: The Life and Work of Joseph Haydn by Calvin R. Stapert. Wm B. Eerdmans Publishing (Grand Rapids, Mich., 2014). 304 pp., $24.

New book gives momentum to readers running their own race to outdistance sin

Race-with-the-Devil-Cover-BUTTON.jpgRace with the Devil: My Journey from Racial Hatred to Rational Love by Joseph Pearce. Saint Benedict Press (Charlotte, North Carolina, 2013) 264 pp. $22.95.

It might come as a surprise that one of today’s most prolific Catholic authors, Joseph Pearce, spent the early years of his life writing articles and editing a magazine for the sole purpose of inciting a race war. It probably doesn’t come as surprise, however, that Pearce — author of 19 Catholic titles — is not the first sinner to find redemption through Jesus Christ and his Church.