‘40 Days for Life’ offers compelling stories for pro-lifers on their journey to end abortion

Full of inspirational stories and powerful testimonies, 40 Days for Life is a page-turner. It was not, however, meant to be read in a single sitting. In fact, if read the way that authors David Bereit and Shawn Carney intended, it should take you 40 days to complete the book. No surprise, there are 40 chapters in 40 Days for Life, and each takes only about five to 10 minutes to read. The first part of each chapter involves a short, moving testimonial, followed by a Scripture verse and prayer.

Readers will find plain talk and wisdom in DeStefano's guide to life

A Travel Guide to Life: Transforming Yourself from Head to Soul by Anthony DeStefano. Faith Words (New York, 2014). 261 pp., $22.

‘Epic Food Fight’ gives us a taste of God’s recipe for eternal salvation

EpicFoodFight-Cover-BUTTON.jpgIn his latest book, Epic Food Fight, Father Leo Patalinghug invites us along to feast with some of the most prominent figures in the Bible. Unlike his previous two books, Grace Before Meals and Spicing Up Married Life, Fr. Leo’s latest work contains no recipes. Instead, it takes us on a fascinating, spiritual journey through the pages of Scripture to witness how food was an integral part of God’s design to show love for his children. Fr. Leo refers to this study of Scripture in relation to nourishment as a “theology of food,” and it begins with a battle of biblical proportions involving Satan, Adam, Eve, and God.