Book Reviews

Book Reviews

'The unthinkable is real' says author about persecution of Middle East Christians

NEW YORK (CNA) -- Growing unrest in the Middle East is causing great concern for the Christian community around the world. And author George J. Marlin is hoping to enlighten Western Christians on how seriously matters are progressing, as their brethren in the Middle East continue to undergo persecution.

Descendants of Holocaust survivors offer moving spiritual reflections

God, Faith & Identity From the Ashes: Reflections of Children and Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors, edited by Menachem Z. Rosensaft. Jewish Lights Publishing (Woodstock, Vermont, 2015). 309 pp., $25.

Spiritual memoir traces academic's path from atheist to Catholic

Not God's Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms by Holly Ordway. Ignatius Press (San Francisco, 2014). 186 pp., hardcover, $19.95. Holly Ordway, author of Not God's Type, was a well-educated English professor who dismissed belief in God as so much superstition. While her family was not hostile toward religion and even adopted some cultural Christian practices such as playing Christmas carols, as a child she neither opened the Bible nor attended church.