Catholic Teaching:

How to deal with temptation

When we talk about temptation, it often carries a negative connotation because it is assumed to be something we should not be subject to. But there’s a certain beauty in temptation in that a person is faced with a decision to either act out the temptation or not.

What would you say to someone who wants to leave the Catholic Church?

I would imagine that no one ever wants to see a loved one walk away from the Church. This scenario plays out more often than not with the people I speak to on a daily basis. A day doesn’t go by without encountering someone who is Catholic but not practicing. 

Discipleship is possible within the classroom if...

What do you suppose is the primary intent of a parent when they send their child through a religious education program? Whether through the parish religious education program or a Catholic school, the hope would be that the intent of the parents is for their child to continue to develop an awareness of God and an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ that has already been established at home. You would think this would be the primary purpose of religious formation.