Catholic Teaching

Catholic Teaching

Does God inconvenience you?

A very intriguing aspect of Catholicism is the free will act to sacrifice and embrace suffering. For many, the notion of sacrifice is already beyond comprehension because of the belief that; “I’ve sacrificed enough.” The irony in this statement is its contradictory nature when placed in relation to Christ’s Crucifixion. The whole premise of God’s convenience toward man is eternal rest with Him in Heaven. Having the praeternatural gift of seeing God face to face and being with Him in heaven is not a bad proposition; the key is getting there, and this is where the notion of inconvenience comes in.

What is Satan's aim for man?

It’s easy to dismiss the influence of the Devil when we are neck deep in our human pleasures. It begs the question, do we actually realize what we’re doing when this happens? When one begins to reflect on this question a bit further, the devil appears to be the last person we worry about because of our own self-consumption.

Are you spiritually neglecting your child?

Blessed Cardinal Newman once said that “Faith is illuminative, not operative; it does not force obedience, though it increases responsibility; it heightens guilt, but it does not prevent sin. The will is the source of action.” When you take a moment to analyze Blessed Newman’s words, they can easily be directed toward the spiritual relationship between parent and child.