World Youth Day, an opportunity for spiritual progress

Late last month, Pope Francis attended his second international World Youth Day since becoming pontiff. 

What can a catechist learn from St. Thomas More?

One of the most significant attributes we find in the lives of the saints is their undying devotion to God the Father regardless of the circumstances placed in front of them. This loving and heroic characteristic is affirmed by the Son of God Jesus Christ who exemplified a martyr’s death for the sake of God’s children

What’s wrong with the ‘Gospel of Me’?

There is a significant aspect to Holy Week and in particular the Holy Triduum that draws us away from ourselves. This is done in order to see the transparent reality of what Christ actually did to resuscitate our souls to Him. Instead of acting on a prideful desire to be heard by everyone because we believe we have something important to say, the Triduum asks us to relinquish this desire and instead listen to Him. Our self-distorted human nature to communicate our desires and wants collide with the Paschal Mystery.