Catholic Teaching

Catholic Teaching

What’s wrong with the ‘Gospel of Me’?

There is a significant aspect to Holy Week and in particular the Holy Triduum that draws us away from ourselves. This is done in order to see the transparent reality of what Christ actually did to resuscitate our souls to Him. Instead of acting on a prideful desire to be heard by everyone because we believe we have something important to say, the Triduum asks us to relinquish this desire and instead listen to Him. Our self-distorted human nature to communicate our desires and wants collide with the Paschal Mystery. 

Do not make sin your heritage

If someone were to ask you; “how would you like to be remembered when you pass on” it’s probably not that, “He really knew how to sin!” The irony in this is that sin was introduced as part of our heritage from the actions of our first parents which also opened our inclination to continue this practice and offense against God (concupiscence). Even though at first this may sound dreary, God’s infinite love and mercy opened the opportunity to forgo sin and not make it our lasting heritage if we so choose. 

Does God inconvenience you?

A very intriguing aspect of Catholicism is the free will act to sacrifice and embrace suffering. For many, the notion of sacrifice is already beyond comprehension because of the belief that; “I’ve sacrificed enough.” The irony in this statement is its contradictory nature when placed in relation to Christ’s Crucifixion. The whole premise of God’s convenience toward man is eternal rest with Him in Heaven. Having the praeternatural gift of seeing God face to face and being with Him in heaven is not a bad proposition; the key is getting there, and this is where the notion of inconvenience comes in.