Our Feature Articles

Our Feature Articles

Insides that didn't decompose -- and other stunning facts about Blessed Oscar Romero

San Salvador, El Salvador -- In his role as Vicar General, Monsignor Ricardo Urioste was one of the closest collaborators of Oscar Romero, the archbishop of San Salvador who was martyred for the faith in 1980 and beatified just this weekend. And this monsignor has some stories to tell.

In giving of themselves, SSMNs have brought joy, Christ to generations of faithful

Standing in the hallway of Our Lady of Victory School as students scurry to their classrooms, Principal Linda Petrey watches 105 years of history come alive. “The Sisters of St. Mary of Namur put their hearts and souls into this place, and you can feel it,” the educator explains

U.S. Trappist Monks say beer brewing enhances American monastic life

SPENCER, Mass. (CNS) -- The whoosh of the beer tap opening, the gentle glug of the golden brew pouring into the goblet, and the sizzle of the foaming mousse are joyous sounds to Trappist Brother Jonah Pociadlo's ears as he prepares to savor the signature ale created in his monastery's brewery.

More than educators: SSMNs' deeds of love extend beyond the classroom

The Sisters of St. Mary of Namur are best known for educating thousands of North Texans in schools from Waco to Wichita Falls, but the religious order’s unseen and unnamed deeds of love and mercy extend far beyond the classroom.

Missionary Catechists of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are always on call for God

Each week in our diocese, God works through eight religious sisters to perform a modern day loaves and fishes miracle. Instead of feeding thousands of hungry bodies, these eight women feed the minds, spirits, and souls of thousands of Hispanic Catholics.