Our Feature Articles

Our Feature Articles

With help from Sharing in Ministry, Dcn. Rubén Castañeda has served the rural areas of the diocese

Deacon Rubén Castañeda, originally from Crowell, has lived and worked in the southwest rural counties of the Diocese of Fort Worth all his life. He knows firsthand the importance of the diocese’s outreach programs in these areas, especially Sharing in Ministry. “We are so far away from the [Fort Worth metro area], and a lot of our families work in farms and oilfields,” he said. “There’s quite a bit of jobs, but it’s hard-working jobs. We don’t have the well-to-do families or the well-off, so they struggle in life, and they struggle with supporting their families and parishes,” said Dcn. Castaneda.

Throughout his ministry, Deacon Larry Hatch has preached the value of forgiveness and mercy

Forgiveness has played a major role in his ministry to the Church and her people for Deacon Larry Grant Hatch. Dcn. Hatch was ordained in 1989, and then served the next seven years at St. Maria Goretti Parish in Arlington. “I feel very humbled by it [being called to the diaconate] because I spent four years in the Navy,” he said. “I’m a Vietnam Vet. I’m very humbled that God would choose this blasphemer, this great sinner — that He would forgive me and choose me to serve in this ministry.”

Deacon Ray Lamarre continues to find peace in his prayer life

Despite the bone cancer which rendered Deacon Raymond “Ray” Lamarre immobile, he still serves from a motorized chair at the altar of St. Philip the Apostle at every 9:30 a.m. Sunday Mass. “The first ministry for me is serving right at the altar and helping to bring the presence of Christ to the people,” he said.

Dcn. Joe Milligan has spent his ministry helping addicts fill the emptiness in their lives with God

Deacon Joe Milligan, like most of the deacons in the Diocese of Fort Worth’s first homegrown diaconate class, has served the Church during the last 25 years through preaching and ministering the sacraments, but he has also been dedicated to helping those attempting to recover from addictions. Dcn. Milligan said that so many people try to fill the hole inside of them with other people, places, or things when the only thing that will fill it is admitting that they need help and finding God in their lives.

Deacon Jim Poole incorporates his ministry in every aspect of his life

Deacon James “Jim” Poole, who served the Diocese of Fort Worth for 20 years in Hillsboro and the surrounding rural areas, said that as a deacon, he is most grateful for a special change that occurred in his life. “They tell us when we are in preparation for the diaconate, that when we are ordained, at that point of ordination, an ontological change takes place,” Dcn. Poole said. “That means it changes who you are. You become a different person than you were before. That kind of change also takes place when you are baptized — especially adult baptism, because you take on a different route in your life.