Our Feature Articles

Our Feature Articles

CCFW dedicates second group home for unaccompanied immigrant children

For children who have suffered unimaginable deprivation and loss as a result of war, famine, and disease, a safe, comfortable home and the routines of a happy family life are gifts that are never taken for granted. 

UDMC 2014 attendees learn practical ways to live the ‘missionary option’

Velma Smith, a catechist for 30 years, attends the University of Dallas Ministry Conference (UDMC) for one very important reason. “Our religion is an ever-learning religion,” says the St. Bartholomew parishioner. “You can never grasp all that the Catholic Church has to offer.” The largest Catholic ministry conference in the Southwest gives Smith the opportunity to hear nationally-recognized speakers, network with other teachers, and pick up books and ideas she can use in her classroom.

St. John the Apostle Catholic Church celebrates 50 solid years as a parish

Since the mid 1960s, St. John the Apostle Church in North Richland Hills has withstood the test of time. Structurally sound and strengthened by a solid parish community formed five decades ago, this house of God has welcomed generations of faithful Catholics who continue to fill its pews. On Oct. 18, it was standing-room-only at St. John the Apostle, when more than 800 faithful gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their parish.

Schoenstatt members in North Texas celebrate global group’s centennial

Members of Schoenstatt all have one common thread — an overwhelmingly strong devotion to the Blessed Mother. Haven’t heard of Schoenstatt? Neither had most of its members before they stumbled upon it on their own or had a family member or friend discover it. “You have to go looking for it,” Lexi Walton said. “You have to search for it, read books, watch videos, go places. It’s about self-education.”

Young Catholic Professionals offers a new platform for mingling, networking — and growing in faith

Where can you find young pilots, nurses, teachers, engineers, social workers, police officers, software developers, and information technology professionals — not to mention priests — mixing and mingling in one place over free drinks and appetizers? A Young Catholic Professionals (YCP) event, that’s where. Founded in 2010 by Jennifer Baugh, a young Catholic from the Diocese of Dallas, the ministry is dedicated to encouraging “young adults in their 20s and 30s to have a deeper relationship with the Lord and to be courageous witnesses in imitation of Christ” as well as reminding young professionals of their responsibility to “apply our Catholic faith to all aspects of our lives — at work, at home, and in all our interactions,” as Baugh stated recently in an interview for the National Catholic Register.