Researcher finds something deep, life-changing within nuns' cloister

GLENMOORE, Pa. (CNS) — When independent filmmaker and artist Abbie Reese inaugurated her collaboration with the Poor Clare Colettine nuns at the Corpus Christi Monastery in Rockford, Illinois, she had a professional goal: nurturing a collaborative relationship that would serve as a backdrop to a young woman's transition from secular life into an alternative community.

Three local Franciscan orders continue to follow a humble path to Christ

FORT WORTH -- There is one name, St. Francis of Assisi, that comes up time and again whenever vocations to the religious life are discussed. The name is associated with a man who lived a minimalist lifestyle while sharing an infinite love for Christ.

Carrollton family uses passion for dance to promote importance of family time

CARROLLTON -- For the Hoffman family, nothing helps the time fly by like a good dance session — especially in the thick of a winter storm.

Hospice patients have much to teach about facing death, doctor says

ST. PAUL, Minn. (CNS) — Americans' skittishness about death is not lost on Dr. Wayne Thalhuber, a retired longtime hospice doctor. It's about goals, he said. "If our goal is to pray, reverence, and serve God in this world and the next, why are people so reticent about going there and being with Him?" he asked.

Prayers rise from Mount Carmel; Answers flow from heaven

Gail Yager’s introduction to the Catholic faith was the gentle, compassionate voice of a Carmelite nun. Her name was Maria and she was the Mother Superior of a group of cloistered sisters living in a home-turned-monastery on Sunset Terrace near downtown Fort Worth. The year was 1976.