Our Feature Articles

Our Feature Articles

How 5,000 relics found a home in a Pittsburgh chapel

PITTSBURGH (CNA/EWTN News) -- Nestled in a sleepy neighborhood in the hills rising over Pittsburgh lies a small chapel. Inside St. Anthony’s Chapel lies a piece from the Crown of Thorns, a tooth of St. Anthony of Padua, and more than 5,000 other verified relics, or remains, of saints from around the world.

Popemobile shipped to U.S. ahead of pope's arrival

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- More than a month before Pope Francis was scheduled to arrive in the United States, his ride landed on U.S. shores.

Msgr. Juan Rivero, pioneering diocesan priest, retires after 43 years of faithful service

As fall weather approaches, Monsignor Juan Rivero has plans to fire up his Dodge Ram three-quarter-ton diesel truck and put it to work. He’ll hook up his 35-foot RV to the gooseneck hitch in the truck bed and head on down the road with his three dogs — “Valentino,” a Chihuahua; “Zac,” a shepherd-lab mix; and “Dolce,” an English Mastiff.

Pope Francis to speak from lectern Lincoln used for Gettysburg Address

PHILADELPHIA (CNS) -- As lecterns go, it is strictly utilitarian, a simple walnut stand with none of the ornamentation commonly found in mid-19th-century furnishings.

After tending his FW flock for nine years, Fr. LeDoux will be leaving Our Mother of Mercy Parish

Crossing the threshold into the modest brick building at 1005 E. Terrell feels like entering a dimension where time stands still. The crowded foyer conveys a sense of some arrested activity: An upright piano tucked into one corner holds only a few of the bulletins, newspapers, boxes, books, and pamphlets inching their way toward the rooms flanking the entrance.