Our Feature Articles

Our Feature Articles

Sent to Harvest: CORC priests labor for the Kingdom of Christ

Father Juan Guerrero Morales, CORC, baptized 62 individuals the first week he arrived at Holy Name of Jesus in Fort Worth, demonstrating the vast need for priests to serve the Spanish-speaking community. He and five other Confraternidad Sacerdotal de Operarios del Reino de Cristo (CORC) priests from Mexico, busily minister at three parishes in the Diocese of Fort Worth.

Heralds of Good News priests continue the work of St. Thomas the Apostle, early Christians

The fact that adventurous men from India with strong spiritual character are going forth as priests throughout the world to spread the Good News should come as no surprise.. Many Catholics may not know it, but India’s first missionary arrived in 52 A.D., more than 1,400 years before Christians set foot in the New World. Christians do, however, know this missionary’s name — Thomas the Apostle.

Once lost, later found: Fr. Hoa Nguyen lets God chart course on spiritual journey

There is a certain maritime feel inside the office of Fr. Hoa Nguyen, pastor of St. John the Apostle Catholic Church in North Richland Hills. A ship’s wheel is prominently centered on the front wall of his long, narrow workspace. On the “port” side, a beautiful oil painting depicts Jesus reaching down to pull up his faltering apostle, Peter, from the white-capped swells in the Sea of Galilee. 

Retired social justice director Pattie Watson serves up more than food

The line outside St. Andrew’s food pantry begins to form hours before the doors open at 12:30 p.m. “They like to visit with one another,” explains Pattie Watson, observing the camaraderie of senior citizens, low-wage workers, and disabled clients who come to the parish each week for groceries. 

Bishop Olson presents Catholic Scouting emblems to 150 youth members

COLLEYVILLE -- On Sunday, April 19, at Good Shepherd Church in Colleyville, some 150 youth members of Campfire Girls, Girl Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing received Catholic religious emblems.  Presiding over the presentations was the Most Reverend Michael Olson. Scouting leaders Teresa Harner, John Cuccaro, and John Ryan coordinated the awards.