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Deacon Simón Tórrez’ involvement in Cursillo led him to answer a call to the diaconate

Deacon Simón Tórrez, who has served at Holy Name of Jesus Church in Fort Worth and Holy Cross Church in The Colony, said he feels grateful to God for the many joys and blessings He has given him during his 25 years as a deacon serving the Diocese of Fort Worth. Dcn. Tórrez said he first thought about becoming a deacon in 1976 while he was serving in the Cursillo Movement in Dallas. Then-Bishop Thomas Tschoepe of Dallas suggested that he consider becoming a deacon. Dcn. Tórrez replied that he would seriously pray about it.

Deacon Doug Wuenschel’s job with a Lutheran company brought him closer to his Catholic faith

Deacon Doug Wuenschel, who retired as a deacon five years ago but has worked at Immaculate Conception Church and the University of North Texas in Denton, as well as at the University of Dallas in Irving, said working for a Lutheran company actually brought him closer to his Catholic faith and eventually put him on the path to become a deacon. “After I got out of the service (U.S. Marine Corps) and finished my master’s degree at the University of Arizona, I was recruited by a Lutheran company to be an administrator for them,” he said. “It required, regardless of my faith, that I be active in a local church, so I became active in Catholic churches,” Dcn. Wuenschel said.

Deacons remember and celebrate more than 25 years of Permanent Diaconate in the diocese

Comforting the sick and consoling the grief-stricken is an important part of ministry for Deacon Ron Aziere. But there was a time, 10 years ago, when officiating at a wake service filled him with anxiety. Dcn. Aziere’s wife, Cecilia, had died a month earlier, and he was in the throes of personal heartache. “One of the benefits of being a married deacon was knowing that anytime I was out doing ministry work, I knew she was home praying for me,” he explains. “As I drove to the funeral home, I thought about that and started having a panic attack.” But his uneasiness was soon replaced with a moment of clarity.

Juan Rendon will direct new Permanent Deacon Formation Program — The program is in formation itself

If you ask Juan Rendon what the Diocese of Fort Worth can expect from its new director of Permanent Deacon Formation, the seasoned college instructor paraphrases a quote from Blessed Mother Teresa. “Expect faithfulness — not perfection,” he says wisely. “I will give my best to serve the needs of the diocese and will always be honest in my work. Ultimately, I do what I do out of love for Jesus Christ. That’s the bottom line.”

Art Dickerson honored as ‘Guardian of the Holy Land’ by Franciscans (FFHL)

Art Dickerson, who has spent more than 45 years supporting and strengthening God’s Church in the Diocese of Fort Worth and around the world, received the highest honor recently from the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land (FFHL). That organization presented Dickerson with the Guardian of the Holy Land Award for his extraordinary commitment and support in preserving the presence of Christians in the land where Jesus walked.