Our Feature Articles

Our Feature Articles

Missionary Catechists of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are always on call for God

Each week in our diocese, God works through eight religious sisters to perform a modern day loaves and fishes miracle. Instead of feeding thousands of hungry bodies, these eight women feed the minds, spirits, and souls of thousands of Hispanic Catholics.

Servants from the start: SSMNs' charity to God, neighbor goes back to 19th century

The more Sister Patricia Ridgley studies the history of her order, the greater her respect grows for the five Sisters of St. Mary of Namur who left the security of their Belgium motherhouse for the perils of the New World.

Play Like a Champion Today creating supportive, character-building environment for athletes

Coaches yelling from the sidelines. Parents cheering against the other team. Players arguing with officials after a bad call. You won’t find those behaviors at local Catholic school athletic events thanks to a new program implemented in the Diocese of Fort Worth last fall. 

Sent to Harvest: CORC priests labor for the Kingdom of Christ

Father Juan Guerrero Morales, CORC, baptized 62 individuals the first week he arrived at Holy Name of Jesus in Fort Worth, demonstrating the vast need for priests to serve the Spanish-speaking community. He and five other Confraternidad Sacerdotal de Operarios del Reino de Cristo (CORC) priests from Mexico, busily minister at three parishes in the Diocese of Fort Worth.

Heralds of Good News priests continue the work of St. Thomas the Apostle, early Christians

The fact that adventurous men from India with strong spiritual character are going forth as priests throughout the world to spread the Good News should come as no surprise.. Many Catholics may not know it, but India’s first missionary arrived in 52 A.D., more than 1,400 years before Christians set foot in the New World. Christians do, however, know this missionary’s name — Thomas the Apostle.