Our Feature Articles

Our Feature Articles

Oil of Mercy unites Church at Chrism Mass

The Chrism Mass offers some of the Church’s richest symbolism during Holy Week. It is celebrated in every diocese around the world and has traditions that date back to the Old Testament. During the Chrism Mass, the bishop blesses the sacramental oils used throughout the year in every parish in the diocese, and the priests of the diocese renew their promises to the priesthood. Although the service can be overshadowed by the Triduum, the blessed oils play an essential role in bestowing grace in sacramental rites, and the Mass itself reveals the unity of the worldwide Church.

Group tends to spiritual needs, shares the good news at spring training

GLENDALE, Ariz. (CNS) -- The crack of the bat is a sure sign of spring, one that calls Ray McKenna to the field.

"How's the team looking this year?" he asked the top trainer for the Texas Rangers. "Anything we can do? Please let us know," he told catcher Tyler Flowers of the Chicago White Sox.

Helping students stay the course

Daniela Serrano hopes to become a registered nurse one day. But her studies to earn a college degree almost ended because of family and economic struggles.The Tarrant County College student works full time in the medical records department of a hospital. She’s also the mother of seven- and 12-year-old children and the family’s breadwinner. Any unexpected expense pushes her over a financial cliff.

With mercy, gentleness, and joy, Msgr. Joe Scantlin has ministered to his flock for over 55 years

When you ask longtime Most Blessed Sacrament parishioner Becky Lucas to describe her pastor’s approach when it comes to tending his flock, she recalls the death of a young Marine who was buried from the Arlington church.

In a 'League of Their Own', Catholic education is celebrated at the annual Catholic Schools Banquet

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a priority in Catholic education. So when administrators at Notre Dame in Wichita Falls searched for an innovative way to celebrate Catholic Schools Week (Jan. 25-31), they came up with an idea they thought would exemplify that spirit of evangelization.