Our Feature Articles:

Six Jubilarians collectively celebrate 365 years of service to their congregation and society

Sister Mary Dorothy Powers still remembers in vivid detail her first day as a Sister of St. Mary of Namur. And, according to Sr. Dorothy and fellow jubilarians, Sister Devota Sweeney (75 years), Sister Mary Elaine Breen (60 years), Sister Jane Conway (60 years), Sister Joan Markey (60 years), and Sister Mary Jean Warmuth (60 years), it’s a life full of purpose, new challenges, and service to God.

St. Rita parishioner Joan Grabowski went to Indonesia to help priests and seminarians learn English

Joan-Grabowski-w-priests-BUTTON.jpgAccording to Joan Grabowski, “Wow” doesn’t describe the natural beauty of Indonesia. A crystal clear shoreline reveals stretches of coral reef, pristine beaches are blanketed with white, pink, or black sand, and wild orchids grow effortlessly in the lush, tropical forest. “The physical beauty is so overwhelming it’s like paradise. It’s how I picture the Garden of Eden,” explained the St. Rita parishioner, who spent two months this spring in the Island of Flores located just east of Bali.

Rosaries made by the Sacred Heart Rosary Makers Guild are distributed throughout country, world

Rosary-Guild-Hands-BUTTON.jpgThe women of the Sacred Heart Rosary Makers Guild in Muenster have found a way to increase the power of prayer exponentially through their mission of making and distributing rosaries. In the process of completing a rosary, each maker asks God to bless the person who will ultimately receive the sacred string of beads, and often offers up the Lord’s Prayer and a Hail Mary.

Fr. Peter Nguyen joins the Society of the Divine Word, becoming Christ the King’s first vocation

Fr.-Peter-Portrait-BUTTON.jpgFriends and family filled Christ the King Church on June 1 to watch former parishioner, Father Peter Nguyen, celebrate his first Mass. The Society of the Divine Word (SVD) priest was ordained May 24 in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Techny, Illinois by Bishop Terry Steib of the Diocese of Memphis, who is also a member of the religious congregation. He is the parish’s first “homegrown” vocation to the priesthood. Christ the King was established in 1997 to serve the large community of Vietnamese living in Northeast Fort Worth.

Catholic Charities Fort Worth helping in crisis of unaccompanied alien children

Catholic Charities of Fort Worth (CCFW) is ahead of the times in responding to an “urgent humanitarian situation”: The thousands of unaccompanied children who are pouring over U.S. borders are picked up by border agents.