December 25th may be past, but the Church is a Pilgrim Church

Department stores have their linen sales going on. If you have been waiting for a great deal on a new comforter, now is the time. Home supply stores are pushing materials for indoor fix-it projects. If your kitchen floor looks like mine, maybe it’s time to price floor tile or new cork options.

Pointing from the crib to the cross, the Rosary can focus our Advent and Christmas prayer

In all my years of praying the Rosary, I’ve never really thought of it as a Christmas prayer — until now.  But the more I’ve learned about Christmas, and the more I’ve prayed the Rosary, the connection seems so obvious I wonder why I didn’t get it before (like a “Wow — I could’ve had a V-8!” moment).

Advent — a time for quiet and listening

At a recent talk given by Bishop Olson to more than 200 young adults of the Diocese of Fort Worth, he was expounding on the virtue of Prudence. He explained that part of this virtue is listening. A lot of what he said I recognized in myself. He said that the modern world doesn’t really like to listen. In conversations we are often just waiting until the other person stops talking, so we can chime in with our own insights, not really listening to what the person we are talking with is actually saying.

Sacred Permission to be Human and the Tools to Handle Frustration

Sometimes certain texts in the bible make you wonder: Is this really the word of God? Why is this text in scripture? What's the lesson here? 

Fatherless at the Depth of our Being

Anthropologists tell us that father-hunger, a frustrated desire to be blessed by our own fathers, is one of the deepest hungers in the world today, especially among men. Millions of people sense that they have not received their father's blessing. Robert Bly, Robert Moore, Richard Rohr, and James Hillman, among others, offer some rich insights into this.