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National Congress on Hispanic Ministry offers opportunity to celebrate gifts of Hispanic community

SAN ANTONIO -- Preparations for the National Congress on Hispanic Ministry Raíces y Alas 2014, to take place Oct. 30 – Nov. 2 in San Antonio are well underway.

The theme of Raíces y Alas 2014 is “Hispanic/Latino Ministry: Evangelizing, Communitarian and Missionary.”

Arland Nichols, founder of John Paul II Foundation for Life and Family, addresses UNT pro-life group

Arland-Nichols-BUTTON.jpgPro-life college students sometimes find it difficult to portray and defend what they believe in on a secular campus. In the process they are discovering their peers need scientific reasoning and research to come closer to the truth about human life.

After 48 years in Catholic education, diocesan Superintendent Don Miller retires

Don-Miller-BUTTON.jpgDon Miller’s 48 years as a Catholic educator was born from a simple act of kindness. After graduating from the eighth grade at Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School in Bettendorf, Iowa, the future school superintendent planned to attend the local public high school with two of his buddies. The $100 yearly fee at the Catholic secondary school, located in Davenport, the next town, was too steep for his family’s budget.