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Local News

Sacred Heart Church in Wichita Falls to celebrate 125th years of faith, service

WICHITA FALLS — Sacred Heart Church is celebrating 125 years of faith, decades of hope, and families of love with many events throughout 2016, but their biggest event will be on the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

Church community must be more welcoming to Catholics with disabilities, speaker says

FORT WORTH —  Using a matter-of-fact, no nonsense approach that makes the educator an engaging speaker, Sister Johanna Paruch, FSGM, Ph.D., told the audience exactly what they could expect from her workshop on catechesis for people with special needs.

At local parish, NET missionaries team up with youth ministers to reach out to more young people

GRAPEVINE — In Sept. 2015, St. Francis of Assisi Church welcomed into their midst a group of young people who have rarely resided within the Diocese of Fort Worth: The National Evangelization Team, more commonly referred to as NET Ministries.