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Local News

Texas Catholic Conference disappointed with Supreme Court's hold on abortion law

AUSTIN, Texas (CNS) -- The Texas Catholic Conference expressed disappointment with the U.S. Supreme Court's 5-4 decision June 29 which temporarily blocks Texas from enforcing new requirements on abortion clinics that would force many of them to close.

Mary Goosens named CFO, COO for diocese

For the average person, understanding complicated spreadsheets, profit and loss statements, and the financial jargon that goes along with them is never easy. Mary Goosens is gifted with the ability to help people with limited business acumen learn about finances in language that’s clear and succinct.

Chaplain raises awareness of problems with immigration family detention

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- After a two-month stint as a chaplain at a new detention center for immigrant families in Dilley, Texas, Mercy Sister Kathleen Erickson came away impressed with elements of the operation, but keenly aware of a more subtle undercurrent.