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Local News

Diocese prepares to welcome hundreds of thousands of new Catholics into the Body of Christ

Residential-Growth-2011-BUTTON.jpgThe number of Catholics within the 28-county Diocese of Fort Worth has skyrocketed, and many more are coming to North Texas, according to demographers. The burst of growth is recent. When Pope Paul VI split the Diocese of Fort Worth from the Diocese of Dallas-Fort Worth in 1969, the Catholic population was a mere 67,000. By 1986, the diocese had doubled in size to 120,000 Catholics.

Area Catholics join other pro-lifers in Austin to pray that 2013 abortion restrictions law is upheld

Austin-Vigil-BUTTON.jpgThey were praying from the first day. Even as attorneys for Whole Woman’s Health and other abortion providers presented their witnesses in a challenge against House Bill 2 on Aug. 4 — the very first day of trial in the lawsuit Whole Woman’s Health v. Lakey — more than 450 pro-lifers from around the state stood in Republic Square just outside the courtroom, praying silently.

Speaker addresses myth of overpopulation at annual Pro-Life Boot Camp

Boot-Camp-Notes-BUTTON.jpgSpend a day at it and you’ll quickly find that this boot camp is like no other in the nation. Instead of military exercises and drill sergeants, you’ll find high school teens doing service activities, praying Rosaries, joining in praise and worship, and sitting in a lecture hall soaking up information from various leaders in the pro-life movement. Instead of conditioning and marching, you’ll find them waking early to pray outside local abortion centers, learning about the history of Roe v. Wade, and having fun together and building friendships.