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Local News

Speakers at Northwest Deanery's first women's conference tie holiness to practicality

WINDTHORST — During the first Northwest Deanery Catholic Women’s Conference at St. Mary’s Church April 2, four people spoke about different ways Catholic women can be unleashed from the bondage of sin, receive God’s grace and mercy through Jesus Christ, and live out their vocation as Catholic women.

Stewardship: It's about more than attending Mass - it's a way of life

COLLEYVILLE — It is true for many that when the pastor steps before the congregation and utters the word “Stewardship,” the faithful wince as if the most uncompromising IRS agent has descended into the sanctuary demanding to collect an unpaid bill.

How Rachel Ministries brings God's gift of mercy and compassion to those suffering from abortion

FORT WORTH —  Lisa, a 40-year-old mother of three, carried the shame and guilt of a painful secret for more than 20 years.