Respect Life ministries decentralize to encourage parish participation

FORT WORTH — The many changes occurring in the Office of Respect Life are a reflection that “pro-life is not a separate department for the diocese. It should be part of every department and every parish,” said Michael Demma, director of Respect Life for the Fort Worth Diocese.

How Vincentians are helping local borrowers saddled with payday, title loan debt

FORT WORTH — As the fight to regulate predatory lenders continues, the Catholic Church is taking immediate steps to help North Texans struggling with the debt of high-interest payday or title loans.

Bishop Olson dedicates new St. Thomas the Apostle church

FORT WORTH — St. Thomas the Apostle parishioners expressed both joy and sadness as they walked into their new church at 5969 Bowman Roberts Road in Fort Worth for the first time.