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Jennifer Pelletier named superintendent of schools

If you want to know the true mission of Catholic education, just chat with an elementary or secondary schoolchild attending St. Joseph Catholic School in Bryan, Texas.

“Ask any student walking down the hall what Ms. Pelletier is trying to do, and he or she will stop, roll their eyes and say, ‘make me a saint,’” says Jennifer Pelletier, sharing what’s become an accepted truism at the school where she has served as president since 2013.

Rachel Ministries training in Tulsa continues its healing ministry

Just a week after Pro-Life marchers dispersed and the music from Respect Life Masses marking the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe V. Wade decision across the country faded to memory, Betsy Kopor, Rachel Ministries Coordinator for the Diocese of Fort Worth, quietly packed her things and prepared to head to Oklahoma. Catholic Charities in Tulsa had invited members of the Rachel Ministries staff from the Diocese of Fort Worth to do a training day for volunteers.

2015 Texas Rally for Life gains momentum after pro-life victories, but more work remains

The introduction Abby Johnson made on the Capitol steps in Austin Jan. 25 seemed somewhat strange, even by her own admission. An eight-year veteran of a Planned Parenthood clinic who rose through the ranks to become its director, Johnson welcomed Claire Coldwell to the podium. Once a world apart on the issue of life for the unborn, these two have established a strong bond.