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God is the source of justice, says Brownsville Bishop Daniel Flores at annual Fort Worth Red Mass

We need the help of God in our lives — especially his Holy Spirit — to make decision that are ultimately good, noble, and just.”

Memorial Mass for Children Who Died Before Baptism offers peace to grieving parents

Maria’s eyes moistened at the mere mention of the baby she lost more than 15 years ago. Despite giving birth to seven other children, the Our Lady of Guadalupe parishioner still mourns the loss of that one soul.

National Congress on Hispanic Ministry offers opportunity to celebrate gifts of Hispanic community

SAN ANTONIO -- Preparations for the National Congress on Hispanic Ministry Raíces y Alas 2014, to take place Oct. 30 – Nov. 2 in San Antonio are well underway.

The theme of Raíces y Alas 2014 is “Hispanic/Latino Ministry: Evangelizing, Communitarian and Missionary.”