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Pope delights Philly crowd with spontaneous talk on families

PHILADELPHIA (CNS) -- Pope Francis threw away a prepared text and, to the delight of tens of thousands of people on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, spoke from the heart about the challenges and love that come with being part of a family.

Pope meets with clergy abuse victims, says crimes can't be secret

PHILADELPHIA (CNS) -- Pope Francis met with a group of survivors of sexual abuse Sept. 27 and later told bishops that he was overwhelmed by a sense of embarrassment and was committed to holding accountable those who harmed children.

Visiting prison, pope says all people need forgiveness, cleansing

PHILADELPHIA (CNS) -- While pilgrims in Philadelphia put up with a long weekend of lines and security checks at the papal venues, the pope reached out to a group of people whose lives are lines and security checks for years at a time.