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National / International News

South America, Cuba, and U.S. trip itineraries show heart of pope's faith

ASUNCION, Paraguay (CNS) -- With almost every step Pope Francis takes on his foreign trips and with his every embrace, he pleads for dialogue and inclusion.

Same-sex marriage ruling settles one legal question, leaves many others

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- When the Supreme Court June 26 ruled that marriage licenses cannot be denied to same-sex couples nationwide, it may have settled one legal issue, but it left many more unanswered questions, particularly in the realm of religious objections.

RU-486 abortion pill can be reversed, says physician

NEW ORLEANS (CNS) -- While the annual number of abortions in the U.S. has dropped from a high of 1.6 million in 1990 to about 1.06 million today, the number of chemical abortions through the use of the RU-486 pill has increased and now represents about 25 percent of all abortions.