Aid slowly makes its way to thousands of Haitians displaced by hurricane

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Emergency aid slowly began to reach some of the thousands of Haitians displaced by Hurricane Matthew in the country's picturesque southwest as reports of casualties slowly trickled in from communities cut off by the storm.

Catholics called to be active in the public square, live faith fearlessly

PHOENIX (CNS) — Followers of Christ "do not walk into the voting booth by themselves, but "do it in Him and with Him," Phoenix Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted told those at a Mass celebrated before a legislative seminar on "Catholics in the Public Square."

Miami Archdiocese calls for prayers, prepares to help hurricane victims

MIAMI (CNS) — Like the rest of South Florida, the Archdiocese of Miami was carefully watching the path of Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 storm that began pounding Haiti and Cuba Oct. 4 and hit Florida's Atlantic coastal area late Oct. 6.