Studies track effect of family encouragement on vocation pursuit

WASHINGTON (CNS) — There is no single answer to what spurs a young man or woman to consider a vocation to religious life or the priesthood.

500 religious leaders join Standing Rock Sioux in opposing oil pipeline

WASHINGTON (CNS) — When Sisters Aine O'Connor and Kathleen Erickson heard a call for a peaceful and prayerful presence on the front line of a campaign to protect sacred Sioux lands in North Dakota from a multibillion-dollar oil pipeline project, they knew they had to respond.

Election outcome expected to influence religious freedom in health care

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- A pair of Catholic physicians argue that changes in the way health care is paid for and stronger relationships between doctors and their patients will do more to improve people's health and uphold the sanctity of life than bureaucratic government-run programs and expensive insurance policies.