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Mayors discuss ways to promote equality, environmental protection in their cities

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Many of the mayors who met July 21 with Pope Francis stayed at the Vatican for a second day of discussions focused on city planning that promotes economic growth, equality, and environmental protection simultaneously.

New video released with Planned Parenthood official discussing abortion

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Amid an outcry from members of the GOP demanding answers to questions raised by a video of a Planned Parenthood physician talking about preserving fetal organs and tissue for researchers for a fee, a second video emerged July 21 of a different physician from the organization talking about the same topic.

Iconic background for Pope Francis: West Front of U.S. Capitol

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- When Pope Francis comes to the U.S. Capitol Sept. 24, he could hardly ask for a better backdrop. His address to a joint meeting of Congress — historic enough since it's the first time a religious leader who also is a head of state has addressed the body of lawmakers — will be broadcast live on Jumbotron screens on the West Front of the Capitol.