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New video released with Planned Parenthood official discussing abortion

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Amid an outcry from members of the GOP demanding answers to questions raised by a video of a Planned Parenthood physician talking about preserving fetal organs and tissue for researchers for a fee, a second video emerged July 21 of a different physician from the organization talking about the same topic.

Iconic background for Pope Francis: West Front of U.S. Capitol

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- When Pope Francis comes to the U.S. Capitol Sept. 24, he could hardly ask for a better backdrop. His address to a joint meeting of Congress — historic enough since it's the first time a religious leader who also is a head of state has addressed the body of lawmakers — will be broadcast live on Jumbotron screens on the West Front of the Capitol.

World's mayors head to Vatican, vow to tackle climate change, human trafficking, poverty

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- After decades of world leaders trying to set global goals to address climate change and extreme poverty, city mayors gathered at the Vatican to pledge they will take real action and lead the fight on their streets.