Love, support for immigrants follow group's verbal attacks on Massgoers

PORTLAND, Ore. (CNS) — Father Raul Marquez had never seen anything like it. Eight men walked to the front door of St. Peter Church in Southeast Portland Jan. 29 and began bellowing during the Spanish Mass.

Catholic Extension honors Texas first lady with Spirit of Francis Award

HOUSTON (CNS) Texas first lady Cecilia Abbott "has lived and embodied the important lesson of faith, a faith that she learned from her parents and immigrant grandparents," Catholic Extension president Father Jack Wall said Jan. 28 at a ceremony to honor Abbot.

Pope: Like expectant moms, live in joyful expectation of embracing God

VATICAN CITY (CNS) – Christian hope isn't about believing in something that may or may not come true, like hoping tomorrow's weather will be pleasant, Pope Francis said.