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Climate encyclical expected to send strong moral message to the world

LIMA, Peru (CNS) -- Pope Francis' upcoming encyclical on ecology and climate is expected to send a strong moral message — a message that could make some readers uncomfortable, some observers say.

Pope Francis OKs plan to investigate, judge bishops who fail to act on abuse

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis has approved new procedures for the Vatican to investigate and judge claims of "abuse of office" by bishops who allegedly failed to protect minors and vulnerable adults from sex abuse.

Pope offers 'Stone Age' tips to youth for living well in digital world

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (CNS) -- Whether you still stick to books or magazines or get everything online, Pope Francis said all media should encourage and edify — not enslave. "Back in my day — the Stone Age — when a book was good, you read it; when the book was bad for you, you chucked it," he told hundreds of youth in Sarajevo June 6.