Responding to God's Call:

With an abundant harvest, prayers are needed for vocations

One of the great parts about being the Vocations Director is getting to visit with so many people from different parishes, and interestingly, one of the most frequent questions I get (after “How many seminarians do we have?”) is, “When will we receive the new posters of this year’s seminarians?” 

Seek the Lord’s call in the Eucharist: Mass, Exposition and Adoration

People often say that nobody likes change. I’m not sure this is true. People may fear the unknown that change brings, but we are creatures of change — always growing, being transformed, falling, reconciling, etc.
My own recent transition as Vocations director and a parochial administrator has left me to reflect more deeply on He Who does not change. God’s gift of his Son, Jesus Christ, is simultaneously an immense mystery for us to explore with our hearts, minds, and souls and a pillow of comfort for us, especially in the Eucharist, by being a stalwart foundation in our lives.

Following a vocation is truly about hearing the call of Jesus Christ

One of the most frequent questions people ask me is, “How many seminarians do we have?” I am always proud to respond as our numbers have been increasing over these past years. There is a sense that the higher the number, the better we are doing as a diocese. But is this truly the case?