Responding to God's Call

Responding to God's Call

Lead some to Jesus Christ and ‘Wake Up the World’

In these joyous days of Easter, we find ourselves plunging deep into the lives of the Apostles after the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ, as they embark upon their ministerial duties. It seems now, in the time of the resurrected Christ, Peter has come into his own, with a courageous and bold manner of preaching the Gospel message. Peter’s fervent trust in the Lord is infectious for the other Apostles and efficacious for those to whom he ministers. 

Be still and hear the voice of God

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting a friend. David was in seminary with me and has remained friends with many of us from seminary, however, at that time, with prayer he discerned he was not called to priesthood. Since David just bought a new home, two other priest friends and I decided to go for a visit.

Building a Culture of vocations

All Catholics have a semblance of understanding for the importance of priests and religious in the life of the Church.