Prayer is essential in striving for holiness

We hear and read much about the universal call to holiness. The human excursion toward eternal life, which was offered a deeper understanding by the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council, is an easy reminder for preachers and writers. All the faithful of Christ are invited to strive for the holiness and perfection of their own proper state (Lumen Gentium 42).

No one has greater love that this; to lay down one's life for one's friends

How often do we really have the opportunity to sacrifice for another?  Perhaps you can recall a time when parents have made a sacrifice for their children and when spouses have made a sacrifice for each other. These selfless acts are daily occurrences for many.

Modeling their lives on Jesus could point boys to priesthood

About a year ago, a fellow priest invited me to a dinner at the home of his friends, a beautiful couple with two young boys around the ages of 4 and 6. After the initial greeting, the two boys wanted to show the priest a new gift they received from their grandparents. It was a boys’ Mass set! The set was amazing — I didn’t know that such existed — and it was complete with a Thurifer (carrier of incense).