Statement on family separation at the US/Mexico border 

By Bishop Michael Olson

North Texas Catholic
June 19, 2018

The unwarranted separation of parents from their children not only harms those relationships but undermines the right to life, the respect for legitimate authority, and all other basic human rights in society.

Blanketed in love

By Joan Kurkowski-Gillen

North Texas Catholic
June 7, 2018

ALEDO — Twice each month, a circle of seamstresses gather inside Bea Schmidtzinsky’s home in Aledo to piece together carefully chosen blocks of fabric into quilts. There’s a reason so much care is put into every stitch.

Vocation Awareness Program offers retreat, contemplation for discerners

By Matthew Smith
North Texas Catholic
June 15, 2018

IRVING —Nathan Mena, a parishioner of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Keller, remains dedicated but undecided. “I want in some form or fashion to serve the Church, and I’m wanting to see if potentially that might be a religious vocation or lay life.” 

Diaconate candidates taking courses to learn Spanish

By Katherine Hoffman
North Texas Catholic
June 11, 2018

FORT WORTH — Bishop Michael Olson has a vision of a bilingual clergy. To bring this vision to life, Juan Rendon, Director of Diaconal Formation, has introduced pastoral Spanish classes for the diaconate candidates this year.

Tutoring boosts students' grades plus family togetherness

North Texas Catholic
May 22, 2018

ARLINGTON — Nicholas Alvarez, a high school senior, has a suggestion for youth, young adults, and parents who would like to strengthen bonds within their families. "Volunteer together, as a family, to help kids through Catholic Charities." 

Take 5 with Father: returning the gift

By Susan Moses
North Texas Catholic
May 31, 2018

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS — Meet Father Nghia Nguyen, who always felt God saved his life for a reason. Now the parochial vicar of St. John the Apostle Parish in North Richland Hills, he has earned the nickname, "the baby whisperer."

Ancient rites, new priests

By Joan Kurkowski-Gillen
North Texas Catholic
May 24, 2018

FORT WORTH — Edna Moon gave birth to seven children and every time the baby was a boy, she asked God to send her a priest. Alana and Mike Demma, the parents of six boys, had similar hopes. The prayers of both families were realized May 19.

Growing closer to God through
Grand Ultreya celebration

By Marty Sabota
North Texas Catholic
May 26, 2018
ARLINGTON — As a “boat person” fleeing South Vietnam at 10 years old in 1980, Nga Nguyen said her family of seven had little but their faith to cling to as they faced perils such as pirates from Thailand en route to their new home in Port Arthur, Texas.