Book of poetry brings voice to women of Bible

Catholic writer and spiritual director Sister Lou Ella Hickman, IWBS, knows when she is meant to tell a story. Having immersed herself in years of Scripture study, Sr. Lou Ella has become intently focused upon the thoughts of the women depicted in both the Old and New Testaments.

Memoir on path to Catholicism could inspire many

Over the decades, indeed over the centuries, a good many new Catholics wrote down accounts of their conversions. Going back as far as the fifth century and St. Augustine's "Confessions," such first-person accounts make good reading down to the present day.

Longtime immigration reporter focuses on one teen in 'Book of Isaias'

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Nobody's story is cut and dried, as longtime immigration reporter Daniel Connolly learned when doing reporting for his book, The Book of Isaias.