Is Jesus Christ at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church?

Have you ever wondered if Jesus actually believed everything He taught to those around Him? This is a question that is gaining momentum among people who wish to defend a personal position contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Their method is to use Christ and somehow convince people that what He taught was an openness to embrace a golden rule of loving everyone but leaving each person to their own devices with no attempt at a genuine conversion of heart to Christ Himself. 

What If We Took Our Baptismal Promises Seriously?

Have you ever asked yourself; “What is the final cause of everything that I do?” The answer can be summed up in the virtue of love. 

How to deal with temptation

When we talk about temptation, it often carries a negative connotation because it is assumed to be something we should not be subject to. But there’s a certain beauty in temptation in that a person is faced with a decision to either act out the temptation or not.