Are we really teaching the Catholic Faith?

Have you ever asked yourself why you believe in God? Or better yet, someone bluntly asks you why you’re Catholic? In both instances the genesis of these questions reflects a curiosity about faith and its relevance in daily life. From another perspective it’s an attempt to know and understand the meaning behind our belief in God. This line of questioning offers us a great opportunity to truthfully know and understand the “why” behind our belief in Jesus Christ and his Church.

Fasting helps us turn toward God

I don’t like to fast. Lent starts with a fast, and it is something I dread. However, I’ve realized something obvious: I’m not the only one fasting on Ash Wednesday. I’m not the only one called by the Church to remember that I am dust, and to dust I shall return. I’m not the only one called to say “no” to myself and “yes” to Jesus Christ and his Church.

The feast of Corpus Christi enriches the Church

This month we once again celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi during which we commemorate the great gift of the Eucharist that stands at the heart of the life and mission of the Church. This feast is the time to not only celebrate this gift of Christ, but to also ponder its meaning and richness not only in the life of the Church, but in our own daily lives as Catholics as well. ...