What I taught my son about his masculine vocation

There is a genuine sense of truth, beauty, and goodness when a parent witnesses the development of his own child, especially their understanding and relationship with God.

Mass 101

There is a significant passage in St. John’s Gospel (17:1-19) where Christ, after a discourse with His Apostles about His pending hour of death, lifts His eyes toward Heaven and proclaims a prayer of sacrifice before God, affirming His journey as the lamb who will be slain for the salvation of all humanity.

How does a parent teach with grace?

A consistent challenge most parents face in raising children is revealing our own habitual sinful habits right in front of them. Our human condition typically involved in a constant drama between good and evil in many ways spills over to our role as parents and teachers. This specific challenge becomes more apparent in our desire to be holy witnesses for our children and at times is thwarted because of our own sinful behavior.