How does a parent teach with grace?

A consistent challenge most parents face in raising children is revealing our own habitual sinful habits right in front of them. Our human condition typically involved in a constant drama between good and evil in many ways spills over to our role as parents and teachers. This specific challenge becomes more apparent in our desire to be holy witnesses for our children and at times is thwarted because of our own sinful behavior.

What is more important, faith or culture?

Culture can be a unique obstacle when associated with the process of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. More often than not, the culture becomes the creed rather than the actual Creed itself. It is not uncommon to see loyalty to one’s culture or personal “ism” over one’s faith and religious identity. 

When You Pray For Your Child

The art of effective communication implies willingness to genuinely respect each other’s position and recognize one’s dignity as a fellow human. Proverbs offers the following counsel on effective communication, prudence, and fidelity: