A cloud of witnesses cheers us on toward heaven

By virtue of spending more than 30 years in Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the Church I have garnered a nice following on social media. While there are times that my newsfeed is awash with vitriolic opinions that run the gamut of every political preference, social convention, spiritual philosophy and discipline — along with a wide variety of personal drama and trauma — there are also times when my social media feed blesses me beyond words.

Called by Name: The priest is called by name to lay down his life for his friends

Where are the mystery and the wonder?  In the midst of a world that moves so quickly, do we take time to ponder the mysteries of God and to wonder at his marvelous presence in our lives?

Why a Resolution to Pray Makes Sense

The time-honored tradition of making a New Year’s resolution rests on trying to make our life simpler and fulfilling in the coming year.