St. Peter Parish kicks off Year of Faith with Eucharistic Procession through Lindsay

Jeff Hensley


North Texas Catholic

Children dressed in saints costumes participate in the St. Peter Parish procession on Oct. 27
Children dressed in Germain saints costumes participate in parish procession held Oct. 27 in Lindsay.

St. Peter Church in Lindsay initiated the Year of Faith with a Eucharistic Procession Saturday, Oct. 27. Altar servers and adults carrying bright banners proclaiming the Year of Faith led the procession, followed by St. Peter pastor Father Ray McDaniel, accompanying the litter carrying the Blessed Sacrament. Children in saints’ costumes were among the hundreds of parishioners participating in the procession.

The procession, which covered about a mile through the streets of Lindsay, wrote Fr. McDaniel in a recent e-mail, stopped at three parishioners’ homes, where temporary altars were set up and decorated with flowers and candles. At each stop parishioners recited prayers and litanies, and St. Peter’s children’s choir led Eucharistic hymns.

Later that evening, at a parish potluck, first grade students dressed as German saints honored the heritage of the parish’s heritage. St. Peter’s was founded by German immigrants, many of whose descendants remain faithful members of the church.

An oil painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus commissioned by the parish was carried in the procession in honor of the parish placing its observation of the Year of Faith under the Sacred Heart’s intercession. Families, Fr. McDaniel added, will enthrone a copy of the image in their homes.

At the dinner that evening, free copies of the Catechism of the Catholic Church were given away, along with a Sacred Heart prayer card with the Act of Faith on one side, and yellow “Catholic Strong — Year of Faith” wristbands.

St. Peter parishioner Dr. Matt Gomulak crafted the litter that carried the monstrance.

“The litter is a class of wheel-less vehicle, a type of human-powered transport used to carry royalty. This vehicle was designed and built for the specific intention of bearing our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” Dr. Gomulak said.

Dr. Gomulak described the symbolism of the litter, including the trim and finials resembling an acorn, a symbol of rebirth and renewal in Germany; the hand-painted ceiling mirroring the Holy Trinity; and the litter itself representing Mary, who was the first person to carry Christ.

Photographer and St. Peter parishioner Joe Myrick captured the beauty, excitement, and pageantry of the event and shares a selection of his photos on SmugMug. To see more photos, visit and click on the icon for “2012-St. Peters Procession.”

St. Peter Church in Lindsay initiated the Year of Faith with a Eucharistic Procession Saturday, Oct. 27.