Life Chain draws significant groups of people in solidarity against abortion

Mary Lolis

Coordinator of Southlake Life Chain

A significant group of people lined a portion of Southlake Blvd in Southlake on Sunday afternoon to stand in solidarity against abortion as part the annual Life Chain. Life Chain is a nationwide effort held at more than 1,800 locations including several in the Diocese of Fort Worth. This local Life Chain has been conducted for 25 years and draws citizens from Colleyville, Grapevine, and Southlake.

Participants in the Southlake event gathered around 2 p.m., forming a line that began at the intersection of Southlake Blvd. and Kimball, and stretched west for about a mile. In some areas, participants dotted both sides of the street. Most were in silent prayer for the hour-long event. Many held signs in defense of the unborn, the messages ranging from “Life, the First Inalienable Right” to “Pray for an End to Abortion.”

“More than a third of the people participating were there for the first time,” said Mary Solis, the coordinator of the Life Chain event in Southlake. “They came from churches, prayer groups, youth groups, and this year, people in passing cars stopped to join the line.

“We had several people join us that were going into the businesses around us. We even had two teenage boys who saw what was going on as they were walking down the street and just felt they were swept up in the prayer for unborn children.

“It was the best Life Chain I have ever attended, and we actually celebrated 25 years of our own local Life Chain.”

Many motorists showed their support for the Life Chain line by honking horns, waving, flashing lights, and giving the thumbs-up to participants. Those making up the line of “life defenders” included adults, youth, and children.

Ben Gillitzer, 14 and a member of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Grapevine, came with his family. “We’ve been coming the last two years,” said Gillitzer.

Gillitzer said his interest in the Life Chain came after he attended a “Forty Days for Life” event held in Fort Worth.

The inaugural Life Chain was held in 1987 through the California-based pro-life group “Please Let Me Live”. Since then the Life Chain has been held annually on the first Sunday in October.