Making a fashion statement: Catholic values meet beautiful attire

Co-founders Audrey Cole, right, CEO, and Mary Kunkel, CCO of Paris Bloom, pose with a dress titled Clemy at TLCI Manufacturing in Dallas, July 17, 2019.

At the mall, Audrey Cole and her younger sister Mary Kunkel felt isolated. 

'Does God love the illegals?'


A reader called The Record a couple of weeks ago to ask this question: "Does God love the illegals?" By "illegals," the caller was referring to our brothers and sisters who have crossed the southern border in search of life and hope. The term dehumanizes our brethren, making it easier to dismiss their suffering.

Christ Truly Present

Father Keating elevates a monstrance

In early June, the U.S. bishops had a meeting, during which one of their staffers actively managed the USCCB Twitter account. 

Discerning in and discerning out: What happens when seminarians leave?


Denver, Colo. (CNA) — Catholic journalists know that discernment stories are popular because they give readers hope. 

On Angel's Wings: Gabriel Angels provide caring outreach, practical assistance during pregnancies

Angela and Bob Walters with supplies for babies.

A week before Mother’s Day, Gwen Rein received a surprise gift in the mail. The framed photograph was beautiful, but, more touching, were the words included with the thoughtful gesture.