Ohio artist restores religious statues, stirs memories of closed parishes

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (CNS) – St. Elizabeth of Hungary stands tall, the bread in her right hand, a gift to the poor, looks like it may have just come from the oven. The roses at her waist, visible from an opening in her cloak, are a symbol of God's protection.

The joy of vocation: A look at the grown-up version of fun

Shortly after I got married, a good priest gave me some sage advice: look at all your daily frustrations as a source of holiness. Later that day, my husband did something that irritated me, so I said to him through clenched teeth: “You are making me so holy right now.” Of course, this made us both laugh.

Am I called? The first steps to discerning a vocation

Long before ordination or profession of perpetual vows was the question, “Am I called to a religious vocation?” Whether God’s call is heard with clarity or a whisper, the first steps to the diaconate, priesthood, or religious life have many similarities.

This Oklahoma priest was a martyr – and he'll be beatified this year

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. (CNA/EWTN News) – “Padre, they've come for you.” Those were some of the last words heard by Father Stanley Francis, spoken by someone staying at the mission in Guatemala who had been led, at gunpoint, to where “Padre Francisco” was sleeping.

Gluten and Communion: What's a celiac to do?

VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) – The norms regarding gluten and Communion hosts that went viral this weekend are nothing new in the Catholic Church.