Martyrs of the Church — San José Luis Sánchez del Río

The word “martyr” is used to refer to a person who gives his or her life for defending their religious beliefs and principles. San José Luis Sánchez del Río was a martyr during the movement of the Cristiada. 

Martyrs of the Church — Saint Thomas More

I love recounting the stories of our sisters and brothers who were blessed to imitate Christ in His suffering and death. And I am grateful to share with you St. Thomas, who among these siblings has been a close intercessor and companion of mine.

Martyrs of the Church — Blessed Ukon Takayama

Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of traveling to Japan frequently due to work. Being the nerdy and faithful Catholic that I strive to be, my pursuit of Christ and His Church continues even 6000 miles away from Fort Worth and my home parish. Because of my frequent trips, I started paying more and more attention to anything related to Catholicism in Japan, including saints.

Martyrs of the Church — Blessed Stanley Rother

After receiving various death threats, Fr. Stanley Rother, who had been serving the people in Santiago Atitlan for many years, returned to his home town in Oklahoma. But he would soon go back to Guatemala to fulfill his now famous words: “The shepherd cannot run at the first sign of danger.”

The Holy Land without Christians? Franciscans bolster dwindling minority

FORT WORTH — As the Franciscans prepare to celebrate the 800th anniversary of their arrival in the Holy Land, the order’s effort to keep the Christian faith alive in the places where it was born has never been more important — or challenging.