Life support

Who’s the first to know about a positive pregnancy test at Mother and Unborn Baby Care in Fort Worth? The Carmelite nuns in Arlington. In the center’s lab, the cloistered women rank first on the speed dial list.

Meet the spiritual powerhouses of the pro-life movement


Washington D.C. (CNA/EWTN News) — Walk along in the March for Life and you may see them: a swarm of women — many of them young — dressed in long blue habits, white veils blowing in the breeze.

What is happening at Mass?

As many Catholics know, the Second Vatican Council famously referred to the liturgy as the “source and summit of the Christian life.” And following the prompts of the great figures of the liturgical movement in the first half of the twentieth century, the Council Fathers called for a fuller, more conscious, and more active participation in the liturgy on the part of Catholics.

Is belief in angels and archangels on the wane?

In both New Age spirituality and Christian fundamentalism, belief in angels is very high. However, in contemporary mainstream Christianity (including Catholicism), belief in angels has fallen on hard times. Many Christians no longer believe in angels and find the idea of such creatures no more than a lovely myth. Angels seem to be out of place in a rational, scientific world.

Take 5 with Father: spirit for adventure, heart for the Lord

WEATHERFORD  —  In 1992, Father Michael O'Sullivan was offered his “dream job” as a missionary in Tanzania. He arrived knowing two words in Swahili, but as he “slowly got to learn the language and know the people, that’s when the love affair began.” Now at St. Stephen Parish in Weatherford, he enjoyed the Texas-sized welcome when he arrived.