Celebrating the Richness of Church Teaching

The Church’s teaching on contraception is not just a doctrine that states what not to do. Many people would benefit from knowing that it is a doctrine that explains how extraordinarily important is the act of having children.

How are parishes welcoming young adults?

Recently, while in Rome, we asked a longtime Vatican journalist how she keeps her faith strong while covering the ups and downs of church life. She pointed to St. Peter's Square behind her and remarked that "my faith isn't lived out there." She then added, "It's lived out in my local parish."

My Slogan: “Practice Saved Sex!”

I am a journalist and a convert. That sounds like an oxymoron. Two years after joining the Catholic Church, my wife and I began practicing Natural Family Planning (NFP). I found that the chastity required to get through the periods of abstinence caused profound changes in me. 

Marriage: The Gift of Love and Life

C.S. Lewis once wisely observed: “When everyone is rushing headlong towards the precipice, anyone going in the opposite direction would appear to be mad.”

Ohio artist restores religious statues, stirs memories of closed parishes

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (CNS) – St. Elizabeth of Hungary stands tall, the bread in her right hand, a gift to the poor, looks like it may have just come from the oven. The roses at her waist, visible from an opening in her cloak, are a symbol of God's protection.