United in God’s grace: the importance of matrimony, plus why and how to convalidate a civil union

FORT WORTH — Strengthened in her faith. That’s how Elvira Linares describes herself. After 30 years living with her husband, Concepción Avila, Linares recently validated her marriage in the Catholic Church.

A brief history of the Catholic Church's fight against racism

WASHINGTON (CNA/EWTN News) — Catholic bishops from around the country recently condemned the white nationalism at rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia. But what might be lesser known is that the Church has spoken out against racism through the centuries, and still calls for conversion from it.

These priests were martyred for refusing to violate the seal of confession

DENVER, Colo. (CNA/EWTN News) — In recent years, some Catholics have been concerned by pushes from governments in locations such as Louisiana and Australia who challenge the secrecy of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, asking that priests betray the solemnity of penitents’ confessions when they hear of serious crimes in the confessional.

U.S. Catholic parishes, schools happy to be in path of solar eclipse

WASHINGTON (CNS) – U.S. Catholic parishes and schools located in the 70-mile-wide path of the total solar eclipse Aug. 21 plan to take part in this rare event with everything from providing parking spaces or viewing sites to offering overnight retreats or all-day events with family activities or scientific lectures.

Being legally blind doesn't hinder Catholic priest in serving his flock

EASTON, Pa. (CNS) – A visitor attending Mass at St. Jane Frances de Chantal Church might not notice anything unusual about the celebrant.