Diocese holds second annual Emerging conference for young adults

I walked into the second Annual Emerging Conference bleary-eyed, tired, and unsure of what to expect.

Our Mother of Mercy altar server soared to great heights

Claude Platte, one of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen who soared to great heights to break U.S. military color barriers, has always been one to quietly follow his convictions and push the envelope to reach his goals.

'To Serve and Protect'

Most people recognize the term “To Serve and Protect” in the context of policemen, firemen, or other community service organizations who use this slogan as a definition of their fundamental job.  

'Ignite My Heart, I burn For You' DCYC's conference theme draws over 1,400 youth

More than 1,400 junior high and high school youth from 45 parishes from throughout the diocese attended the 16th annual Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference July 13-15 at the DFW Hyatt Regency Hotel, where they learned how to share their gifts and faith with their peers.

St. Mary of the Assumption's newly renovated windows offer more than beauty

window-button.jpgFather David Bristow sits at his desk on a Thursday afternoon in an office filled with books and religious artwork. In his hands he holds a four-inch-long strip of lead — the material used in the construction of stained-glass windows that holds all the individual glass pieces together. But this is no ordinary piece of lead.