How Swiss Guards are bringing the Vatican to your kitchen

VATICAN CITY (CNA) — A native of Zurich, Switzerland, David Geisser was a chef prodigy.

Why Iraq wasn't what I thought

ERBIL, Iraq (CNA) — Loai Behnam Toubia pulls up his shirt, uncovering a thick, dark scar – probably 10 inches long – that tears vertically down his large, round belly.

Two parishes share their love and labor aiding Appalachian neighbors

WICHITA FALLS  For 12 adults and seven youth of two of the diocese’s Sacred Heart churches, one in Seymour and one in Wichita Falls, their mission trips to the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky in March were a lesson in serving their neighbors.

Stemming the exodus: How Fr. Vasko is working to protect the Christian presence in the Holy Land

FORT WORTH — It’s a crisis that rarely makes the headlines. Every year, 300 Christian families leave the Holy Land to escape the unemployment, poverty, and lost opportunities caused by systemic discrimination. If the trend continues unchecked, Church officials predict in 50 years, Christianity may disappear from the very place where it began.

For Catholic astronauts, flying to space doesn't mean giving up the faith

WASHINGTON (CNS) — On the International Space Station there's a place, while filled with robotic equipment, where astronauts like to hang out. Called the Cupola, the small module has seven large bay windows that give crew members a panoramic view of Earth.