Catholic doctor gives medical view of Christ's passion, crucifixion

DAVENPORT, Iowa (CNS) — Jesus likely died from excessive blood loss, a Catholic surgeon said April 4 during a talk that examined the 18 hours of Christ’s passion and crucifixion from a medical perspective.

Family tradition: Carrying the cross on Jerusalem's Via Dolorosa

JERUSALEM (CNS) — For four decades, Mousa Kamar has taken his place at the head of the heavy wooden cross used during the Franciscan Good Friday procession on the Via Dolorosa.

'Back in February'- How an unexpected pregnancy led to joy

Chicago, Ill. (CNA) — Alexa Hyman navigated her white Kia Optima, peering through sheets of rain, as she made her way to a Southern California Rite Aid. She already knew the answer, but she had to see it in flashing black and white.

Catholicism in the wild west

A man as tough as the post-Civil-War, Wild-West times in which he lived, Father Peter Anthony Levy was resolutely determined to carry out his mission to evangelize pioneers in the Lone Star State. 

The case for life - Part 2

Words have power. They can lift us up. They can express deep emotions like love, gratefulness, and joy. But they can also hurt and be misused.