The push and pull of the migrant caravan

The humanitarian crisis unfolds before her eyes in the television reports. Emilsa Bautista, owner of a Guatemalan bakery located in Northwest Dallas, hasn’t been able to stop watching the news about the migrant caravan coming from Central America. She is reliving the trauma she experienced 25 years ago when she left her native Guatemala.

Airing his Faith

Dave Palmer spends most of his days at Guadalupe Radio interviewing both local and nationally known personalities about issues facing the Catholic world. The mission of the Guadalupe Radio Network, “Radio For Your Soul,” is to share the Good News and draw people into the Church.

Take 5 with Father: mission minded

Meet Father Tom Craig, Director of Propagation of the Faith and the Chairman of the Diocesan Mission Council since 2016. A Coast Guard veteran, Fr. Craig enjoys woodworking and builds items from furniture to pens. 

No Catholic MLKs?

There is an enduring myth that African-American Catholics were largely absent from the freedom struggles of the 1950s and 1960s, which resulted in the legal demise of Jim Crow segregation. Some have even pointed to a 1961 observation that there was no Catholic equivalent of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. as an indication of black Catholic complacency during the monumental era.

In Vietnam, nuns' wheelchair ministry frees people to make a living

HUE, Vietnam (CNS) — Nguyen Thi Rot, a 16-year-old woman paralyzed from birth, tries to smile sweetly at those who stop by her wheelchair on a Hue City sidewalk to buy lottery tickets.