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We often hear the phrase: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Actress Ashley Bratcher shares emotional story of how God touched her soul during Unplanned

Abby Johnson, the real-life main character in Unplanned, recently told the North Texas Catholic that although our pasts “may be messy,” we never know how we might use them for God’s glory.

Abby Johnson reminds herself of greater good as ‘Unplanned’ delves into darker side of her past

Imagine the darkest, most vulnerable, and undeniably regrettable times of your life. Now imagine a movie being made for the whole world to see that part of your history that might be better left forgotten.

Lenten staple prompts a grammar debate: Are they fish 'fries' or 'frys'?

NEW ORLEANS (CNS) — Lent is here. So is the salvation of many a harried Catholic couple with three or four mouths to feed on a seafood-only Friday night — the parish fish fry.

A matter of taste: One writer's deep dive into fast-food fish sandwiches

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Man does not live on bread alone. But on Ash Wednesday and the Fridays of Lent, he'd better not add meat to the menu.